April 20-22, 2018, Berlin

Scientific congress on plant‑based nutrition

For medical doctors, dietitians, other health care professionals, researchers and students

Scientific presentations by leading researchers & renowned medical practitioners, practice-oriented workshops, a platform for professional networking, public day "Open VegMed" and more.
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The VegMed abstract-supplement including the abstracts from all plenary talks, workshops and session has been published in the journal Research in Complementary Medicine.

9 CME Fortbilungspukte

VegMed 2018

Game changing medicine through plant‑based nutrition

Hot Topics 2018

  • Bone and muscle health
  • Metabolic health
  • Prevention

Basic Topics 2018

  • Cardiovascular health
  • Practical implementation
  • Childhood, Pregnancy, Lactation
  • Ethics, Trends, Society

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About VegMed 2018

VegMed 2018 is a unique international scientific conference in Europe bringing plant-based nutrition and medical practice together.

“Game changing medicine through plant-based nutrition” is VegMed´s motto 2018. After four successful conferences since 2012, VegMed 2018 will be even bigger and internationally oriented.

Leading experts and renowned scientists like Hans Diehl, Hana Kahleová, Joan Sabaté and Claus Leitzmann as well as prestigious physicians in practical application like Brenda Davis and Neal Barnard have already committed to share their latest insights on plant-based nutrition and medicine at VegMed 2018. The congress will include original research through keynote speeches, research sessions, debates and panel discussions and there will be ample time for audience participation. In addition, an accompanying program will be offered, including practice-oriented workshops and platforms for professional networking. VegMed 2018´s mission is to foster the development of new collaborative global activities and to establish networks in order to strengthen existing international partnerships within the field of plant-based nutrition research and practice.

VegMed’s main objective is to establish and promote a wholesome plant-based approach within the medical sciences and beyond. On the basis of concrete scientific evidence the specific focus in 2018 will be the optimization of knowledge transfers between health professionals and their patients within the context of nutritional counseling, focusing on patient and practitioner demands.

VegMed aims at physicians, medical students and scientists as well as nutritionists and related disciplines. Academic healthcare professionals are also cordially invited. VegMed expects more than 1.000 participants. On Sunday, VegMed offers a Public Day called „Open VegMed“. Plant-based nutrition in relation to medicine and other health research and practice areas will be presented. For the first time in VegMed history online-streaming will be available, covering all presentations in the main auditorium.

In the past years VegMed has been CME-certified by the Berlin Medical Chamber (ÄKB) and the German Society for Nutrition (DGE) ,CME-certification is expected for 2018.


The congress will be convened by a reputable consortium of the Charité Medical University, the Immanuel Hospital Group, Stiftung Reformhaus-Fachakademie and the German Vegetarian Union (ProVeg Deutschland e.V.) along with a number of affiliated high profile partner institutions. Together with our scientific advisory board all speakers have been selected critically and carefully.

VegMed Background

Vegetarian nutrition, in particular plant-based nutrition, is gaining rising public attention and importance especially in medical, psychological, social, ecological, political and other contexts. Polls over the last years show a rapidly rising number of vegetarians, vegans and flexitarians in western countries.

During the past two decades plant-based nutrition has also seen an increasing number of advocates and followers in the medical field. Milestone publications, primarily from epidemiological studies, show significant medical benefits for various aspects when following a well-balanced vegetarian diet, for example in the fields of cardiology, metabolic diseases, immunology and oncology.

However, in spite of the growing public interest in vegetarian nutrition, the quantity of clinical research publications and network activities in this field is still too small in order to enable a paradigm shift within contemporary modern medicine. For this reason the project consortium launched VegMed in 2012.

Based on the huge success of the four previous national VegMed conferences between 2012-2016, we will host VegMed 2018 in the form of a unique international research conference in Berlin. This conference is driven by enthusiastic participant feedback and by our vision to boost this dynamic process to a new international quality level.

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